Over the past decade, Raine & Humble has grown in leaps and bounds as a unique and popular home decor brand. In the process, it has established loyal business partnerships with renowned suppliers and buyers from around the world. The brand's home decor products are distributed to buyers and suppliers in large quantities through trade agreements that protect the intellectual property of both the buyer and the brand.


The reputation and uniqueness of the brand has made it a reliable choice for wholesalers and distributors from across the globe. In addition to quality and durability, the brand thrives on building a loyal customer base that relishes the pricing, convenience and product diversity offered. A large part of the brand's success is owed to its reliable network of distributors and wholesalers who have successfully asserted the brand in their respective markets.


These partnerships have enabled the brand to receive an overwhelming global appeal, while cementing its reputation as an distinct home furnishings and home decor brand. We assist partners and distributors in promotions, advertising and other marketing activities that help promote the brand in their respective markets. As a brand that offers huge opportunity for wholesalers and distributors, we are calling out for businesses that can harness the power of the brand to succeed in new markets. Please select one of the below functions that is of your interest.





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