Kerry Bower, Co-Founder & Designer

As the chief designer of the RandH,  Kerry oversees all aspects of product development and designing for the brand. R&H aside, she is passionate about sharing her love for creating beautiful things for a relaxed home.

  • Mother, home maker & animal lover.

  • Self-taught designer with a passion to create beautiful things.

  • Passion for creating a real soulful home not showroom.

  • Likes to surround her family with beautiful things in order to create a calm and relaxed environment.

Peter Bower, Co-Founder & Director of Sales 

As the Director of Sales, Peter oversees all aspects of sales and supply chain. He accompanies the R&H team in trade fairs and exhibitions around the world, while also working on enhancing sales in all operating countries.

  • Hard working dad and husband.

  • People person, who drives the R&H business with his passion to succeed.

  • Health and fitness is important to him, and exploring the work. 

  • Supportive and forgiving man with a very kind heart.

Vnji, Co-Founder & Director of Marketing 

As the Director of Marketing, Vnji oversees marketing and communications across in all operating countries. Plays a key role in expanding the reach of the brand globally.

  • Self-motivated dad and loving husband.

  • Textile craftsman with a passion for developing specialised fabrics and printing techniques.

  • Ardent supporter of education for under-privileged kids. 

  • Always curious at heart with a passion for learning.





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