With such a high global demand for textile products and an ever-increasing strain on resources, we as a brand have responsibility to reduce our waste and environmental impact, whilst creating our beautiful products, without sacrificing the style and quality that we love. That's whey our new recycled cotton range is a important step for us in the eco-friendly and green sustainable direction. 


Compared to conventional cotton, producing recycled cotton:

            Uses 33% less agricultural land | Uses 79% less fossil fuels | Produces 49% less air pollution | Saves 11,000 litres of water per one tonne. 

                                                             WE TRULY BELIEVE THAT STYLE DOESN'T NEED TO COST THE EARTH!!!

R&H's newest collection "THE ABBY BEE" collection incorporates our new eco-friendly approach across the board from raw materials to packaging. Our team have developed a new fabric using a blend of recycled fibre and cotton which not only reduces our carbon footprint but also reduces the amount of fabric going to landfill and creates a beautiful soft fabric on the process. The colour pallet for our latest range comes from Raine & Humble’s motherland, Australia. Besides the obvious environmental impacts, we also only work with small manufacturers and artisan producers rather than large corporations so that we can really see and feel the impact our business has working together with our produ cers. It also makes our products that extra bit special with that small batch, made with care look and feel that our customers love. Click here to read more about our efforts to reduce environmental impact with our new range. 





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