The Raine and Humble Story

Launched in 2007 by a group of four friends, Raine and Humble is a home furnishings brand based in Melbourne, Australia. Abbreviated as R&H, the brand's sole objective is to beautify homes with a blend of classical antiquity and innovative modernity. Additionally, adherence to using eco-friendly materials in designing, manufacturing and packaging is a top priority and has been accomplished diligently till date. This motto along with our core set of values that inspire customers with achievable designs for an every day home, have helped build the brand profile.

R&H's humble beginnings and values, keeps it progressively fixed on meeting its objectives diligently and consistently. Its dynamic and continually evolving new product lines create new home decor trends. From whimsical lively patterns to classic European styles and timeless designs, Raine and Humble home linens, décor accessories, furnishings and kitchen clothing deliver uniqueness and appeal as a fundamental characteristic. In addition, all product lines incorporate in their designs, a conglomeration of different traditions and cultures witnessed in countries across the world.

Raine and Humble designers frequently travel around the world to attend various events and seminars to study home decor trends and traditions, which help them strike the right balance in their designs. This advertently helps the brand trade its products successfully in a number of international markets. Each R&H product is designed for the every day home and to be fun, novel, and practical with a mass appeal. This has primarily helped Raine & Humble home furnishing products receive rave reviews in the global home decor arena. The brand has presence in international markets through retail, wholesale and distribution networks.

Each year, brand Raine & Humble is well represented in major trade fairs and exhibitions across the globe. From the Spring Fair in the UK to the Reed Fairs in Australia and Atlanta Market in the US, R&H lineup of home and kitchen furnishings are exhibited in some of the major international trade fairs. In addition, the brand releases new home furnishing ranges twice each year. These ranges are well publicized from the design phase to sales phase across all its distribution networks, key selling markets and social media channels.





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